Their love for nature, recycling materials and sustainability in the activities that Phil and Eileen Gregory develop at La Villa del Valle, are a personal vision and lifestyle that they enjoy sharing with visitors.

About Us

Vena Cava was founded in 2005, and it’s part of La Villa del Valle Group, a project created by Eileen and Phil Gregory, were they enjoy their passion, sharing it with visitors and friends.

The winery is located in the heart of Valle de Guadalupe, surrounded by an impressive mountainous landscape. In this wine region, the soil is rich in minerals and has a perfect microclimate, where mornings prevail warm in contrast cool evenings, receiving the breeze of the ocean, that protects the vines from the cold, creating ideal climate conditions for perfect ripeness.

Phil Gregory Vena Cava’s wine maker, outstands for creating high quality wines, sourcing the best grapes from vineyards around the different valleys, including his own organic vineyard.

The winery designed by Architect Alejandro D’acosta, attracts attention for its unusual and original design, built from reclaimed fishing boats and other recycling materials, that now have a new life and purpose.

Our wine production focuses in high quality not quantity. We consider ourselves a boutique winery, since we carefully supervise every detail during the process and art of winemaking


The selection of each varietal depends on the winemaker. According to Phil Gregory, every new wine has a story to tell. He treats his vines very carefully making high quality wines, with a delicate vinification process and the best grapes available.

The crops from our vineyards are organic, since we do not use any pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Phil creates wines that he enjoys drinking himself and sharing with everyone else, retaking the elegance of the old world with the intensity and fruitiness of the new world. Nowdays, he experiments with different vinification processes, with a clear purpose of creating a unique balance in his wines.

Vena Cava, is the main vein that reaches the heart. For our Winemaker, wine symbolizes blood.